Media Release

Medicines New Zealand has never threatened New Zealand

26 Apr 2016

Recent statements in the media misrepresent the Medicines New Zealand position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and are not helpful to New Zealanders waiting for better access to innovative medicines. 

“Medicines New Zealand has never threatened New Zealand” said Hon Heather Roy, Medicines New Zealand Chair.

“Already some pharmaceutical companies choose not to register medicines in New Zealand due to either the unlikelihood of funding approval by PHARMAC, or current Intellectual Property laws in New Zealand making the products not commercially viable. This is a statement of fact, not a threat. For this to be raised as a “threat” ahead of the US Trade Representatives’ Office visit is at best mischievous, and at worst a blatant misrepresentation of our position.

Medicines New Zealand supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its potential economic benefits to New Zealand. We were disappointed by some of the outcomes around Intellectual Property protections and transparent PHARMAC decision making processes. However, we understand that trade negotiations involve wins and losses.

What we have always promoted is that New Zealanders deserve access to the right medicines when they need them.”

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