Media Release

NZ 2nd Last in Class for First in Class Medicines

By Graeme Jarvis
20 Mar 2015

A newly released report shows Kiwis are missing out on many innovative medicines, with New Zealand ranked in last place out of 20 comparable OECD countries. The report compares access to 247 new medicines that were first registered between 2009 and 2014 in those countries.
The 2015 COMPARE report – Comparison of Access and Reimbursement Environments –benchmarks access to new medicines across 20 countries and was produced by the global health consulting company IMS Health on behalf of Medicines Australia.

“New Zealand is in last place overall and our access to first-in-class (the most innovative) medicines is 19th out the 20 countries compared in the report. New Zealand patients only have access to less than 12% of these medicines” says Dr Graeme Jarvis, Medicines New Zealand General Manager.
Delays in public funding, national health priorities and per capita healthcare spend were also examined in the report.
“It is very disappointing to see that New Zealand has fallen so far behind other OECD countries. These are highly effective medicines which improve health, quality of life, and kiwi’s ability to participate productively in the workforce and society. We deserve access to these medicines in a more timely fashion” Dr Jarvis concluded.
The solution lies in industry and funders working collaboratively and transparently to make vaccines and medicines accessible, available and affordable for all.


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