Media Release

Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Mixed Bag for New Zealand Patients

6 Nov 2015

Medicines New Zealand believes that strong intellectual property protections are necessary for the discovery and development of new treatments and therapies for New Zealand patients, including innovative biologic medicines.

“The limitation placed on the term of data protection for biologics is disappointing as in some cases this is the only form of intellectual property protection available for innovative medicines” said Dr Graeme Jarvis, General Manager of Medicines New Zealand.

“However, we are pleased that as a result of TPP, PHARMAC will have to be more transparent and timely on its decision-making processes. This, we hope, may lead to patients getting more appropriate access to innovative medicines, as the current list still has products that have been waiting 8 years for final approval and funding.”

Medicines New Zealand is currently reviewing the recently released text of the Agreement to determine the full extent and impact of the provisions affecting the innovative medicines industry in New Zealand.

“It is however clear that the big issue raised by critics regarding the demise of PHARMAC has been significantly exaggerated”

 “The industry looks forward to engaging with the agency in a proactive way to enhance its performance so that all New Zealand patients get benefit from access to innovative medicines in a more timely fashion.” 


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