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Value of medicine Award Aon by Dr Sally Eyers

By Dr Lee Mathias
12 Oct 2012

Dr Sally Eyers has won this year's Medicines New Zealand Value of Medicines Award for excellent research that is likely to vastly improve the safe use of a commonly used medicine. Through the Value of Medicines Award Medicines New Zealand aims to support an outstanding piece of research that will improve the understanding, effectiveness or safety of the use of medicines in New Zealand. The objective of the Award is to stimulate and reward contemporary research.

Dr Eyers' research assesses the safety of dosage advice used internationally for children and aims to ultimately help parents use paracetamol in the optimal way. The research conducted through the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand has led to publications in high impact journals internationally and will be followed by further research into parents understanding and use of the dosage advice available to them.

Medicines New Zealand has recognised that there is a substantial amount of high quality and often groundbreaking research being conducted locally, but that one of the most commonly reported constraints on research is funding. The HRC funds much of the excellent research here but has a very limited budget and so many projects simply can't proceed despite offering the ability to answer important health research questions.

Medicines New Zealand would like to make a contribution to the research that is happening here and help encourage early career researchers to persevere in their chosen area; to this end we award $20,000 of funding to the recipient.


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