New Zealand Stories

New Zealanders talk about the important roles prevention, early detection, and adhering to personalised treatment plans have in helping people stay well and live a productive life. Click the images below to watch the videos.

Prevention, detection, intervention

lung cancer patient story2

Lung Foundation New Zealand and Medicines New Zealand

Davis Brittle Asthma2

 Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ and Medicines New Zealand


Melanoma New Zealand and Medicines New Zealand

prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand and Medicines New Zealand

The impact of pharmaceutical innovation on New Zealand cancer patients

Lichtenberg presents research

Professor Frank Lichtenberg, Columbia University and National Bureau of Economics, presents findings from his research; the impact of pharmaceutical longevity and hospitalization of New Zealand cancer patients, 1998-2012.

Adult vaccination, the poor cousin of childhood vaccination

Dr Stewart Reid3

Dr Stewart Reid presents at 2015 Rotorua GPCME