Prescription medicines are an essential tool for improving health outcomes for New Zealanders.

How medicines are made available for New Zealanders

Many New Zealanders don't know or are confused about the way in which medicines prescribed for them are assessed for safety and become funded.

For the first time, in a collaboration between Medicines New Zealand, PHARMAC and Medsafe a set of informative videos have been produced which explains the process in an easy to digest, interesting format on our website.

Other videos in the series discuss treatment options and the role of support groups in offering patients diverse support at a difficult time.

We strongly believe that New Zealanders should be armed with the right tools to get the best health outcomes. Click here to see New Zealanders talk about the important roles prevention, early detection, and adhering to personalised treatment plans have in helping people stay well and live a productive life.

Dr Stewart Jessamine, Group Manager, Medsafe, talks about Medsafe's role in ensuring that medicines are acceptably safe before they are allowed to be sold in New Zealand.



Steffan Crausaz, Chief Executive of PHARMAC, discusses how medicines are assessed for funding in New Zealand. Only once funding has been approved by PHARMAC do patients received them as "funded medicines"



Dr Sue Walthert talks about her experience with breast cancer and how she and her doctors discussed all treatment options in her journey to fight the disease.


Libby Burgess from Breast Cancer Aoteaora Coalition talks about ways in which support groups can offer patients emotional and financial support and advice during treatment.



PHARMAC's decision making process

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